B.B.Q King – a regal feed

A friend recommended B.B.Q. King to me just before I arrived in Sydney and I tried them for their wan ton noodle soup last Saturday. I was quite disappointed and duly communicated this to my friend, who sent me a chastising reply recommending “forget the wan ton noodle soup, it’s all about the duck, Pedro?. So today, I ate duck and I’m glad that I did.

I ordered a plate of BBQ pork and roast duck on rice ($AUS 13.00 at time of purchase) and my regret factor = 0. The duck was succulent, meaty and plentiful; very nice indeed. The BBQ pork was excellent also, served in very large, rough slices (in a good way) and had a flavour that was intense without being over-powering. As well as the delicious meats, the meal also included a generous portion of steamed gai lum.

Before (Lack of image focus due to hunger) After (burrrp!)

B.B.Q King are no fuss no mess with delicious food. For a chinese plate of mixed meats on rice, you can’t go wrong. They mean business and I’m prepared to pay for it!

Flavour %: 95
Filling %: 100
Artery hardening %: 70

B.B.Q. King Restaurant
18-20 Goulburn St, Sydney 2000

B.B.Q King – a regal feed

2 thoughts on “B.B.Q King – a regal feed

  1. Jig says:


    Your friend is clearly a sage, no? I think you should also try the “delicious seabass”.

    When can the great unwashed expect to receive an update to your blog? Will your friend the sage again be heavily quoted?

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