Touching Base for January 2006…

Has it really been *five* weeks since my last post?  How slack!  I’m really starting to experience the difficulties faced with having no personal computer at home, limited ways of accessing my digital photos and no Internet cafe within 5 km of where I’m living.

There’s only so many things you can use your PC for at work without taking liberties.  Thankfully, I have finally purchased myself a laptop (yay) which I bought online two days ago.  It should be delivered within another 8 working days.  I’ll go into more detail once It’s delivered.

I have a lot of photos that I’m still organising on flickr which I’m looking forward to sharing and again, this should be easier once my laptop and broadband access is available.  I cannot wait.

On another note, I recently returned from a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year holiday in Perth, where I got to spend good times with family and friends, relaxing by the pool, plus experence a new tradition (Japanese New Year’s eve and day celebrations).

I really look forward to adding more of my thoughts and experiences as soon as I can.

Touching Base for January 2006…

Future writings..

I have been so flat out that I have had no chance of late to update my blog with new content. Even though it’s possible to manage my images, use blogs and Email without having one’s own computer is becoming a bit of a drag. However, It’s only a matter of time before I acquire myself a tasty notebook accompanied by tasty home wireless access.

Posts that I want to add include:

  • More food reviews. Yum!
  • Walk from Bondi to Coogee
  • More night shots of Sydney
  • An exhibition or two
  • My new digs
  • Seeing a great performance by Little Birdy at the Metro theatre
  • A great movie that I just saw
Future writings..

G’day from Sydney (and thank you WordPress)

Hi, I’m Pedro; welcome to my brand spanking new blog.

As documented on my About page, I have just moved to Sydney. I am currently overflowing with hope, ambition, anticipation and a sprinkling of anxiety.

I have been here for one day now and this sums up my current status:

  • No job
  • No permanent address. Currently staying with my mate Whitey in McMahon’s Point (He has a nice view).
  • A perpetually depleting bank account
  • Having fun!

I want to take the opportunity of my first post to say a big thank you to WordPress. In my humble opinion, I feel that WordPress is the weblog system that most closely meets my needs.

I have patiently been waiting on WordPress’s invitation list now for about six weeks and it was with much elation that I opened my Email (30 minutes ago and 36 hours after arriving in Sydney) from WordPress notifying me that I had an account waiting for me to activate. Again, many thanks to WordPress and their excellent product; I hope to put it to good use.

Over and out


G’day from Sydney (and thank you WordPress)