Quest for the best Wan Ton Noodle Soup

Ever since I had a life-changing wan ton noodle soup in Happy Valley, Hong Kong, I always try to find the best in the city that I’m in. In Perth, the best I found was from Hoi’s Kitchen. Now that I am in Sydney, my quest continues.

I tried one place a few days ago but it wasn’t all that great.  Still, I’m glad I’ve been back since.

Quest for the best Wan Ton Noodle Soup

WordPress.Com Wishlist

I am finding WordPress’s initial offering excellent. Yet I’m fickle. This is my ongoing wishlist:

  • Custom presentation templates: would be great to create/modify a template like you can with the install-your-own WordPress. This would enable me to create my own meta tags, perhaps google adsense at a later date, Flickr feeds etc.  I understand this is already under discussion and I am a patient person!
WordPress.Com Wishlist

G’day from Sydney (and thank you WordPress)

Hi, I’m Pedro; welcome to my brand spanking new blog.

As documented on my About page, I have just moved to Sydney. I am currently overflowing with hope, ambition, anticipation and a sprinkling of anxiety.

I have been here for one day now and this sums up my current status:

  • No job
  • No permanent address. Currently staying with my mate Whitey in McMahon’s Point (He has a nice view).
  • A perpetually depleting bank account
  • Having fun!

I want to take the opportunity of my first post to say a big thank you to WordPress. In my humble opinion, I feel that WordPress is the weblog system that most closely meets my needs.

I have patiently been waiting on WordPress’s invitation list now for about six weeks and it was with much elation that I opened my Email (30 minutes ago and 36 hours after arriving in Sydney) from WordPress notifying me that I had an account waiting for me to activate. Again, many thanks to WordPress and their excellent product; I hope to put it to good use.

Over and out


G’day from Sydney (and thank you WordPress)